Open Runway offers a year round open application for on-demand acceleration services to individuals and businesses that have great ideas they want to commercialize. Powered by the Flywheel community, we cut through the noise and help committed entrepreneurs and corporate innovation programs identify market opportunities and blind spots, thrive on disruption, develop prototypes, and use lean startup methods to accelerate getting from idea to repeatable revenue.


Acceleration On-Demand

If you are an individual or corporation that has deep insight into a vertical market and have a great idea, but you need technology, design and marketing expertise to get it off the ground, then our Acceleration On-Demand Program is for you. We will help you build a team, finance and launch with efficiency and minimum waste.

Innovation Sprint

Innovation Sprints are 3-4 week workshops for startups and corporate teams that help define and advance ideas through lean methods. Ask us for a workshop proposal tailored to your needs.

Sponsored Innovation Challenge

Want to see where the next great idea might come from that will rock your industry?  Sponsored innovation challenges allow corporations to publish a specific challenge statement to the global startup community. Flywheel has the experience and infrastructure to design and administer business challenges that attract the best talent and ideas that can be sourced internally, externally or a combination of the two. 

Design Sprint

Need help with product design, brand and identity, web or mobile technology platforms? Let Flywheel assemble the right team for your needs and apply design thinking to the development of your product or service. You will be amazed at what we can accomplish through our design sprints. Our founders and members have helped hundreds of companies solve their design problems with innovative results. Ask our success stories today. 

Growth Workshop

Having an idea is great, but execution on customer acquisition, retention and referral rates is really hard work. Continuously delighting customers is even harder. Ask for a free consultation  and let us design a workshop for you on digital and analog sales and marketing strategies, strategic channel partners and other techniques for achieving full potential and scale.

Business Modeling and Financing

Need help developing a financial model around your business opportunity? Flywheel has proven bench depth in modeling and testing the assumptions that will drive your revenue and expense lines, developing explicit financial strategies, and charting out your runway and financing needs. Before you waste time and resources, let our experts help you develop your business model canvas with our financial modeling tools. Ask for a free consultation today.