About Us

Flywheel is a coworking space located in the heart of the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem. We offer a space to learn, connect, share, grow and start — whether you're a new business or an existing one, you can get things rolling at Flywheel. Founded by three local companies in 2014, we're committed to helping our startup community in the Triad.
We  offer open and enclosed workspaces, meeting rooms and large event space. And we have all the educational and networking events you need to thrive. Check out the "Join", "Reserve" and "Events" pages for more info on those.

Room to Grow

With 10,000 square feet of private offices, open-air work stations, event space and meeting rooms, you'll find everything you need for your ideas to gain energy and momentum. And with our extensive network of mentors and business coaches, accessible to all members at no additional fee, Flywheel has everything you need to propel your business forward.

Innovation Central

Located in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter in downtown Winston-Salem,Flywheel is a coworking innovation space, and the home of a thriving entrepreneurship community. Startups, small businesses, freelancers, consultants, investors and more come together to work side-by-side in a collaborative, non-competitive and encouraging space.

Open Space

large individual work spaces offer plenty of space to spread out - Furniture allows space for individual working or collaborative sharing - Access to private phone booth rooms for additional privacy various soft-seating options for casual meetings or a place to get away from the desk - Kitchen space and bar area to prepare meals, eat lunch with others or work at bar - Lockable storage options for daily or monthly rentals

Event Space

As many as 100 people...

IQ Court, our combination basketball court and event space, is perfect for company events, happy hours, networking, training, speakers and more.

...or as few as 2

Enclosed meeting rooms with seating available from 2-20 ensures a unique venue for in-person meetings or teleconferencing. With integrated monitor displays, whiteboards, built-in cameras and microphones for connecting with off-site colleagues and the latest in clear-voice teleconferencing technology—not to mention catering by local eateries if you'd like—all you have to do is show up.

Other fun stuff:

- complimentary bike racks - complimentary water, coffee, hot tea, and craft beer on tap - locally crafted Updog Kombucha available on tap - free wifi - full-size eat in kitchen - convenient parking - 175-gallon fish tank to chill your work day stress - lots of natural light and a growing community of like minded coworkers like you

Flywheel is a community of energetic, intense and driven entrepreneurs, innovators and start-ups learning, growing and thriving together.

Membership Benefits

7 am-11 pm Access

Free Coaching & Mentorship

Free Wired/Wireless High Speed Internet

Discounted Events & Space Rental

Classes and Training

Learn more about memberships and join us!

We're here to help.

Our staff spans backgrounds of many industries and are here to help you grow your business. With coaching in Marketing, Business Development and more from our extended network of mentors, we are happy to share our expertise and collaborate with you as your journey begins (or continues).

Peter Marsh

Co-founder, Flywheel
Vice President & Principal Project Manager, Workplace Strategies


Alicia Hardin

Co-Founder & CFO
President & Principal Designer, Workplace Strategies


Andrea Howell

Community Manager


Brad Bennett

Co-founder, Flywheel
Co-founder & Chief Firestarter, Wildfire